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My name is Sally Snow and I work for Aden Productions, a small independent television company based in Cardiff. We specialize in producing wildlife documentaries and are currently producing a series on birds for the BBC. The series which is presented by Iolo Williams is currently in the final stages of production. However we are in need of some more footage of birds in an urban environment and consequently are on the look out for any bird behaviour (be it nesting, gathering or feeding…etc) within an urban or man-made setting.

I was hoping the members of the forum might be able to help me in my search for urban birds-I’m looking for something such as a blue tit nesting in a post box, or a blackbird rearing chicks in an old tractor...etc. I realise it is still early for nesting birds, but if anybody had any suggestions we’d love to hear from them. We can only film in the next few weeks so the time limit is pretty tight. If anybody had any ideas please could they drop my colleague Emma Ford an email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you kindly, 


Reseracher, Aden Productions. 


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