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Club Minutes

Minutes for 14/05/2008

Carmarthenshire Bird Club  Clwb Adar Sir Gaerfyrddin

Minutes of the Committee Meeting 14th May 2008

Held at the

National Trust Offices Llandeilo.

Present John Lloyd, George Causley, Diana Jones, Owen Harris, Wendell Thomas, Jenny Davies, Beth Harris.

1) Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Rob Hunt.

2) Minutes of the meeting held on 19th February 2008 were accepted as a true record. 

3)These were duly approved for posting on the website with the exception of a matter concerning outside bodies and subject to ongoing negotiation

4)  Matters arising.

Bird Report Distribution

Jenny Davies is taking on the report distribution to retail outlets and a number of suggestions were made as to where reports might be placed.  A number of the complimentary copies have been sent including the deposit to the Carmarthen Library and the legally required deposit at the National Library of Wales for which a receipt has been received.

George and Wendell would co-ordinate the remaining complimentary distribution.  The Chairman requested the list of recipients of complimentary copies be reviewed at the next meeting to discuss whether a charge should be made in some cases.

5) Updates

a) Conservation Matters Update


No report was received in the absence of Derek Moore.

Witchett Pool

The Secretary reported that he had sent an e-mail to the conservation officer at the site but had received no reply.  Discussion with Ian Hainsworth had revealed that a permit had been obtained by Malcolm Holding for the purpose of WEBS counts but this was becoming more difficult to renew with each successive year.

The Chairman reported that the BTO has had national discussions about access to military ranges for atlasing purposes.  Hopefully these will produce a change in attitude at Pendine

Dipper Nest Boxes

Despite assurances given by the County Biodiversity Officer Isabel Macho there were still no signs that Carms.C.C were going to deliver on the promise to follow Powys’s lead and erect Dipper boxes following bridge maintenance.  John would continue to pursue the matter.

b) Publications Update

The Bird Report for 2006 has now been published and preparations for the 2007 report are well under way.  The Site Guide is still in the proof reading stage.  The Birds of Carmarthenshire has reached an impasse with the body of the work completed but promised contributions on the Geology and History of Birding in Carmarthenshire have not been forthcoming.  The Secretary agreed to look at the possibility of writing a brief history in order to move the work forward.

6)  County Bird Recorder’s Report.

In Derek Moore’s absence there was no report other than the Secretary’s comment that all last years website records along with all paper records received to date have been put onto a spreadsheet in species and date order and that the report for 2007 was virtually ready to be written up.

7)  BTO


BTO Atlas work is in progress though there is still a great need for workers in the North of the County especially.  As a result of the agreement between ourselves and the BTO to make records mutually available we are going to undertake a County Atlas.  Again it was emphasised that there is a need for roving records in particular to ensure adequate coverage of all tetrads.  Breeding records of all

birds are particularly valuable irrespective of how they are submitted. This County Atlas effort will be launched at this October’s AGM and a flyer will go out with the AGM notification. (OH to organise.)

Representative’s Report

The Chairman informed the meeting that Colin Jones had withdrawn his resignation as BTO Rep.  The other work of the BTO such as the WEBS counts and the Heronry survey were progressing satisfactorily.  Particular attention was being paid to the possibilities of the use of Heronries by Little Egrets.

8)  Programme of Meetings

Wendell gave a brief resume of recent meetings.  The last of the winter meetings on the Falklands and the Ross Sea was superb and it is a pity that only 28 members were there to hear it.

The meeting at Dinas attracted 12 members and most of the target birds were seen though not in great numbers.  The recent visit to the Lliw Reservoir also brought out 12 members and again spotted flycatchers were among the stars of the show but this time along with a Cuckoo being mobbed by Meadow Pipits.

Future Events are:-

Saturday 7th June Tregib, Cennen Tower and Carreglwyd Woods led by Ian Hainsworth.

Saturday July 12th.  Butterflies and Dragonflies at Pembrey Country Park.

Wednesday August 20th Tern Watch at Burry Port Harbour.

Wednesday September 17th High Tide Watch at National Wetland Centre Penclacwydd.

Wednesday October 22nd  AGM Followed by a talk By Melvyn Grey on the Wildlife of the Towy Valley.

9)  Secretary’s Report

A letter has been received from the Welsh Ornithological Society (WOS) stating its aims and objectives and its desire to serve Ornithology and the interests of birds in Wales by being an umbrella body representing the Bird clubs and Societies in relation to conservation and other outside bodies.  In order to fund this it was asking all Bird Clubs and Societies for an Affiliation fee of £50.00.  This was agreed and the letter passed to the Treasurer for payment.

10)  Newsletter

Contributions for the Newsletter were requested by Diana in addition to the Programme of Meetings.  It was agreed that Owen would provide a quarterly edited highlights of bird sightings in the County generally and Wendell would do the same for Penclacwydd.

11)  Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer pointed out that although we have sufficient funds for meeting our ongoing commitments including sufficient funds to pay for the printing of the 2007 Report when this becomes due we are reaching the point where outgoings are rising faster than income.  The current account balance stands at £1546.79 while there is £1032.20 in the deposit account. To date this year income totals £1159.70 and expenditure £1150.18. At the next meeting the Committee will need to consider recommending to the AGM the raising of the subscription for the year 2009-10.

There was some discussion of the possibility of raising revenue by means of the sale of advertising space in the Bird Report.  This will need to be discussed further nearer to the publication date.

12)  Club Website

There was discussion of the ongoing problems that members encounter when entering records resulting in multiple entries with no sighting and entries with missing sightings.  The Secretary agreed to contact the webmaster to see what can be done to resolve these issues.

With regard to the reports of 2001 and 2002 missing from the website the webmaster does not seem to have copies. The Secretary agreed to confirm this and if it is the case Wendell will supply them.

13)  Any Other Business

Wendell informed the meeting that Nigel Williams suffered bereavement with the death of his sister.  Condolences were expressed and it was agreed that Wendell should send a bereavement card on behalf of the Club.

The Chairman reported on a RSPB/CCW/BTO  initiative called Bird Conservation Targeting Programme which draws on sightings on BTO’s Birdtrack.  John has been asked to validate these records for the RSPB  but has refused to do so from fear that the may be misrepresented when put to use.

14 Next Meeting

Tuesday 19th August Llandeilo at 2.00 PM


It will be in the meeting room on the GROUND FLOOR

Colin Jones reminded the Committee that he has relinquished the post of BTO Atlas organiser with immediate effect and will not continue as BTO County Representative beyond the completion of his current term of office at the end of 2008.  John Lloyd informed the meeting that he is now the de facto Atlas organiser with Sally Hall assisting in the coastal strip and all parts west of Nantgaredig. All members of the Committee were encouraged to assist with the atlas work and a flier from the BTO would go to each member with the notice of the AGM. The Atlas is expected to generate many useful records.

14)  Programme of meetings. 

Wendell Thomas reported that recent field trips had proved both successful and enjoyable.

Future Events:

September 1st  Visit to Goldcliffe

October 17th  AGM followed by a talk by John Lloyd on Tree Sparrows

November 14th  A talk by Derek Moore on record Submission

December 5th   Barry and Sandra Stewart on the Birds of India

January 16th Rob Hunt on the Birds of Australia

February 16th Field trip to Whitford with Gwent Ornithological Society.

March 16th Waders of the Ross Sea by Nigel McCall.

April  Field Trip to Dinas Reserve.

15)  Secretary's Report

An e-mail has been received from the BTO asking for Support for the Atlas Survey.  This was replied to indicating the steps the Club has already taken and asking for sufficient fliers to enable one to be sent to each member with the notice of the AGM. 

16)  Newsletter

Diana Jones reported that the next issue was almost ready for dispatch.  This will be sent by post to every member along with the notice of the AGM.  Diana will forward this to the Secretary in good time for this to be done.

10)Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer reported a satisfactory situation in that the current account stands at £1,483 and the deposit account at £1,015 this means that we will have no problem in covering the cost of the 2006 report while leaving the reserve intact.  Given this situation it was felt that there was no need to give notice at the AGM of a subs increase in October 2008.

11)  Web Site 

Comment was passed as to difficulties experienced in submitting sightings when apostrophes are not recognised and particularly when the rejection of a submission involves a new submission rather than a correction.  There was also an enquiry as to whether the facility to search the sightings database has now been lost following recent difficulties with the site.  It was confirmed that the records for 1992-98 were now with Mark Newton but there was uncertainty as to whether they had yet been entered on the site due to the recent problems.

Owen Harris agreed to pass these comments on to Mark.

12) Arrangements for AGM

Notice of the AGM needs to be with members by 26th September.  The Secretary will post these by mid September along with the September Newsletter and a BTO flier re the Atlas.

The Chairman commented that Environment Wales pointed had out a shortcoming in our Constitution which needs addressing.  Notice must be given to the membership of this proposed addition to our Objectives in order that it may be approved by the AGM.

“To carry out any legal activity in the pursuance of the above objectives”

The post of Vice Chairman is currently filled by Rob Hunt who is a co-opted member of the Committee.  Notice needs to be given of the election of a Vice Chairman and a replacement Committee Member for Angela Lovegrove, while pointing out that Rob is willing to continue in office.  Nominations to be received by the Secretary no later than fourteen days prior to the meeting.

13) A.O.B.

There was none

14) Date place and time of next meeting.

Tuesday 20th November 2.00pm at Llandeilo